Update Again

It has been a little while since last I updated on here but I’ve decided to do another one. My book is still in the works of being published. I had no clue really how long it takes especially since I am self-publishing. However, I do have good news!

While I am nearly finishing the process with Amazon, I’m currently writing many other stories. They are not in regards to “In Fear” but more stand alone novels which is why I haven’t been able to put “Invasion” out into the world yet as I am focusing on others things and have recently got a job. Between those two, it’s been difficult trying to get my book off the ground for months now! But at least I am working on other projects that make me happy and creative.

For so long, my mind was only focused on the “In Fear” series and nothing else. But now I can’t be more excited drafting a few plots for upcoming novels. And just for a little giveaway, some of the stories are very different from “In Fear” as they are branching off into independent plots. Yet, it does not mean that I’ve forgotten about “Invasion” or “In Fear”. In the meantime, I can safely assure you all that it will be showing up on Amazon really soon (how soon you may ask….hopefully within the next month!)

If you have any questions about my debut novel “Invasion” or anything about my writing, “In Fear”, column work, ask away.

(P.S.- I still am writing my awesome column I mentioned in my last post which can be seen on Wattpad under ‘columns” and “advice columns”! I’m debating on putting it up on here but as of right now, I got a lot on my plate. Until next time, A.L. Carine here has got more drafting to do)


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