Songs Listened To/Extras:

While the first novelette of the In Fear series was being written, here are a list of songs that was listened to or rather the “unofficial” soundtrack that went along with the story.


1. Space keyboard sci-fi soundtrack -Vic Sorisio (Youtube)

2. Major Tom (Coming Home)- Peter Schilling

3. Train In Vain- The Clash 

4. Mutual Attraction- Change 

5. Something Wicked- Ross Bugden (Youtube)

6. Tom’s Diner- Susanne Vega 

7. Head Over Heels- Tears For Fears 

8. World In My Eyes- Depeche Mode 

9. Love On A Real Train State Azure Cover- Tangerine Dream (Youtube)

10. The Sweetest Perfection- Depeche Mode 

 11. Precious Instrumental- Depeche Mode 

12. The Price Of Failure- Perturbator  (Youtube)

13. Total Eclipse- Photon Equalizer (Youtube)

 14. Vortex- John Carpenter 

 15. Alien Background- Photon Equalizer (Youtube)