The “In Fear” Cast:

Who Is Will?

Will Varjack is a soft-spoken, intellectual with a knack for being the bookworm out of his friends. With a heart of gold, he tries to keep out of trouble despite it always finding him.

Physical Appearance- Sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, lightly tanned skin and a youthful face. Tends to wear baggier clothing of flannels or plain t-shirts with jeans.

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Who Is Amber?

Amber Val(en) is a popular, self-absorbed young woman who comes from an upper-class family. Despite her faults and vanity at times, she is very loyal to those close to her and heedful, too observant for her own good.

Physical Appearance- Thick auburn brown hair usually styled or curled around her shoulders. Olive skin. Hazel eyes and has heart shaped face, small mole above her lip. Always dresses in blouses, tights, skirts, well-fitted fashion, and boots or heels.

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Who Is Michonne?

Michonne Winters is a kind and optimistic free spirit. She always hopes for the best, supportive, and puts others first especially her friends.

Physical Appearance- Has medium dark skin, long ebony colored hair usually styled in braids with beads/jewelry pieces or curls in updos. Full lips and striking green blue eyes. She stands the tallest at about 5’7 compared to Amber and Sarah with a lean, athletic body shape. Tends to wear more colorful patterns, fabrics-vests over buttoned shirts. Crop tops and shorts, always wears her shell necklace.

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Who Is Chris?

Chris Reagan is a sarcastic, charismatic charmer. Popular at school and always up for adventure, he’s known for his good looks and cynical attitude mostly around his friends (especially Will). But deep down he is respectful and reliable when it comes down to it.

Physical Appearance- Has dark brown hair passing his chin, dark eyes, and sharp features/tan skin. Dresses casual in jeans and sneakers, baggy shirts, large sweaters, low top shoes. “Yuppie” style in darker colors of fitted pants, suits, jackets.

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Who Is Sarah?

Sarah Carnet is a quiet but cautious young woman. Will always be there for those she loves with a brave face, even if her instincts can get the better of her.

Physical Appearance- Has long, straight black hair against her light skin and soft features. She has grey eyes, dark lashes, and pale pink lips, slight overbite. Always wears muted colors of sweaters, coats, blue jeans. Stands at an average height with a lean figure.

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