It is the start of senior year for childhood friends; Amber, Chris, Sarah, Michonne, and Will. The night before school starts, Chris and Will go to a local nightclub where they meet a girl with a massive, sweet tooth and unusual purple hair. Eventually, weird things begin to take place in Portland, Oregon. But when Chris’s life is intertwined with the new girl, his friendships take a turn for the worse. Caught between suspicion and support over his new relationship, it is only a matter of time before his obsession starts to take to a frightening turn. 



What Genre Is It?

Well, Invasion has a mix of everything. While it is targeted towards young adults/16-18 specifically, it has all kinds of elements in it such as mystery, horror, sci-fi, drama, and humor added!


-If you want to know who did the book cover/design and want to see other work, you can go to or check out Celastorm on Instagram.