Book Three And New Project

As of March 2021, the second draft to the third book of the In Fear series is nearly completed! For the past month, I have gotten writer’s block and haven’t been really writing for the In Fear series. Another reason was because while I was working on future novelettes for it, I haven’t yet gotten feedback for INVASION. Despite that, I have made big progress for drafting future chapters later in the series. To be honest, there are going to be a lot of novels that are coming out of In Fear! But it will take me time to get through all of my ideas and energy.

Another reason for the lack of updates is because I’ve got a bug to focus on another project I haven’t touched since 2018. It only started as an idea and as I did write out all of the characters, I bailed on it because I lacked the passion to try and figure out a way to construct a book out of the plot and everything else. It was also around that time, I was really focusing on the In Fear series and fleshing out not only the characters but potential storylines. This was more so around in 2019. By early 2020, I had already figured out INVASION and it’s sequel {SCREAM}. Not to mention, I constructed future sequels.

After so much time I put into In Fear, I thought since I still need others to read it, it was the perfect time to go back and revisit the past project. I have started the first draft to the prologue and the first chapter. I can’t really spill too much about what it is, but it is a complete twist to In Fear and will contain a lot of action and drama!


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