ALC says: Developing The Characters

From the start of writing Invasion, there were major changes from the beginning. Most of the changes was constructing the characters.

Originally, I did have the three girls; Michonne, Sarah, and Amber but they underwent changes. The only one that relatively stayed the same was Michonne Winters, for Sarah Carnet she didn’t have as much of a role as I didn’t yet know who she was or what exactly her role was going to be. Whereas for Amber Val, she went through a massive transformation regarding her character, how she looked, and even her own name.

For Michonne, she stayed also the same when drafting her and I always saw her as African American with a kind heart because there is a lot more to her that is soon to come in the future….

For Amber, she had Sarah’s attributes and characteristics with a different look (more middle-class) and didn’t come from an upper-class family. Later on, she had a complete makeover as soon as her backstory/childhood was figured out to make more sense with who she is and why she is the way she is.

For Sarah, she was stuck on a pedestal for a while as I was having a difficult time on what her story was going to be because all she seemed to be was just a blueprint of a main character. Eventually, she was much more than what I thought when Invasion was first starting out and then came the protective and mysterious to her.

For the guys; Chris Reagan and Will Varjack, the two of them were always going to be there and they didn’t have much added or developed already to. Except maybe their names and physical appearances were altered as time went on.

How I came up with the gang that has become official was because before I didn’t yet feel the connection between all of them. It wasn’t until when I actually was starting out the drafting of Invasion that the characters were coming together and who they were/personalities was going to be. It started to click when Angelina was being developed that the gang had their identities and how they came to be friends.


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